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Free 5 day course

Day to Day Herbs


 5 steps to bring the power of herbs into your day to day life with confidence and ease. 

Included in this 5-day course:

  • How to make a powerful cup of tea, called an infusion.
  • Where to find top quality herbs and how to store them.
  • Understanding herbal safety and contraindications
  • Who to trust for rock solid herbal information that's time tested and backed by science.
  • How to make your infusions even more delicious.
  • How to create your own herbal pantry, called an apothecary.  

I intend to leave you feeling confident and empowered about bringing herbs into your day to day life.

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Free, Live Online Lessons


Livestream lessons hosted in our own interactive, online classroom!


Join me and the rest of our Wild Dandelion community, as I offer up fun,interactive, easy to understand, free lessons filled with rock solid resources, hands-on projects, and actionable content to help you bring the gentle power of herbs into your day to day life. 

The marvels of technology allow you to join me from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. 

We'll take the technology with us as we explore the world of herbs together. We will research in the library, work on projects in the kitchen, and  of course, we'll explore the countryside together as we dive into the world of herbs.

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Free Live Lessons